Illustration Portfolio Review [through email]

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You're ready to have your illustration portfolio reviewed! (Or maybe just a small selection of your work? That's great too!) That's huge—and scary. But don't worry, I'm here to help and I don't often bite!

I'm a professional children's book illustrator and have also worked in freelance illustration for many years. I have a BFA in visual arts. I'm excited to see your work and offer helpful insights to encourage, instruct, and lift you on your journey.

What to Expect?

I keep things positive; pointing out your best work and discussing your strengths. Knowing what you are really good at can help you to accentuate those things in your future artwork.

I'll also touch on things you may want to study or practice—important points that can make all the difference in your portfolio! This can include:

  • Ideas on how to make your work ideal for the children's book world
  • Ways to tweak your art pieces to get them that last mile
  • Which art samples are the ones to include in your portfolio submissions to agents, art directors, or publishers. How to use best-practices in your portfolio design.
  • What to do moving forward with actionable tips designed to focus your work!

The things I'll be looking at when reviewing your specific pieces can include: how you convey character, narrative story, mood, composition, and color. Your techniques with chosen mediums may also be included in the review.

Who Should Get a Portfolio Review?

No matter what your experience or skill level, good feedback can make a big difference! Seeing your illustration work through someone else's unbiased eyes and getting tips from a professional can carry you through to the next level. I always include ideas of where you can go from here—actionable things to work on.

You don't need to have a finished portfolio yet! A few samples (4-10 pieces) can actually show a lot of your talent and direction, plus give me something solid to review. I can help as you begin to put together your portfolio or assist in refining your current collection! Your work can be traditional or digital.

Receiving your review by email has many advantages, such as allowing me time to really give you thoughtful and researched advice, and giving you the chance to keep your review as many times as you like in the future. 

What's Next?

Once you purchase, I will contact you through your email with instructions on how to get me your portfolio. (Make sure the email you use to purchase is the same one you want to use to communicate with me.)

I can look at your work either on your website, on a file sharing site (like dropbox etc), or you can provide small jpg images. (If you send files, please name them so I can refer to them individually.) Social media also works, however, because Instagram makes everything square it may not be ideal.

At this point, you can also include specific questions you'd like answered about your work or journey and I'll do my absolute best!

This portfolio review includes feedback on your overall body of work as well as more specific feedback on 4-5 pieces.

You can expect to have your portfolio review in your inbox within 1-3 weeks after purchase!

I'll talk to you soon!

(There is no refund policy on this product after the review has been completed and emailed to you.)

I want this!

A 1-2 page upbeat illustration portfolio review by email!

Ideas on how to make your work ideal for the children's book market, art directors, and publishers!
Ways to tweak your art pieces to get them that last mile.
How to use best-practices in your portfolio design.
Actionable tips designed to focus your work for the future!
An unbiased view of your strengths and things you can work on.
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Illustration Portfolio Review [through email]

0 ratings
I want this!